Construction Process Photos

Vacant Lot-View from North-Mississippi Blvd. N.-Summer-2017
View from South-Alley-Foundation-3-2017.11.11
View from Northeast-Mississippi Blvd. N.-Foundation Formwork-1-2017.11.11
View from North-Mississippi Blvd. N.-Foundation Formwork-1-2017.11.11
View from North-Mississippi Blvd-Framing-1-2017.12.20
Interior Framing-Hall-View toward Bedrooms-2018.02.20
View from Southeast-Alley-Framing-2-2017.12.20
View from Southwest-Alley-Framing-3-2018.01.16
View from Northeast-Mississippi Blvd-Framing-1-2017.01.16
Interior Framing-Study Hall-View toward North-2018.02.20
View from South-Alley-Framing-1-2018.02.20
View from Southeast-Alley-Framing-3-2018.02.28
View from North-Mississipi Blvd-Framing-1-2018.12.28
View from Northwest-Mississipi Blvd-Framing-5-2018.12.28
View from Northeast-Mississipi Blvd-Framing-6-2018.12.28
View from Southeast-Alley-Framing-4-2018.02.28
View from Northwest-Mississipi Blvd-Framing-4-2018.12.28

New Homes

  • The Design of thoughtfully crafted New homes.

    • We offer a range of services from providing concept design that the home owner would then work with a builder to develop or we can provide full service architectural   design providing guidance and construcit0on observation from the start to the finish of your new home.

  • Designed to meet client needs within the context of the neighborhood or surroundings.

    • Conscientious design to add the space of modern day living but scaled down to fit into the neighborhood without overwhelming the site.

    • Landscaping integrated into the design to further enhance your overall living experience.

  • Consider and integrated elements of sustainable design.

    • The use of natural light.

    • Economy and Energy Efficiency

      • Building envelop-wall, roof and foundation design for durability and to increase efficiencies and to reduce fuel / resource consumption.

        • Offer Independent third-party testing and reports during the construction process.

      • The latest in electrical and HVAC components

      • Green / Sustainable Specifications

        • The use of sustainable or long-lasting materials.

  • Design to enhance your lifestyle.

  • Design to meet daily and seasonal cycles.

  • Universal Design and aging in place.

    • Level changes

    • Door widths

    • Sink Access

    • Curb less Showers

    • common sense approach to aging in place






  • Provide design to bring up your existing home to meet current lifestyle.

  • Seamless additions or additions that will enhance the image of your home.

  • Universal Design and aging in place. If you like your home but lifestyle needs are changing, we can provide design elements that make it easier to stay in your existing home and meet new accessibility requirements.

    • Master Suite additions.

    • Kitchen additions

    • Garage and Bonus space additions.

    • Sunroom additions-Bring the outdoors in with a new sunroom addition.

    • In-Law suite

      • Make a place for your mother or father- In Law to live a self-sustaining lifestyle within your home.

        • Their own bathroom

        • Their own Kitchenette

        • Their own out door area.


Remodeling and Transformations

  • Transform your existing home into the that new home you have been dreaming of.

    • Adding windows to create new daylighting opportunities.

    • Recreate the exterior image, add new life, or change the style of your home.

    • Make new great rooms by integrating the dining, kitchen and living spaces of your home.

    • Fireplaces

    • Entertainment Centers

    • Spacious bathrooms

      • Large showers for contemporary living

    • Mudrooms

      • Integrated storage

      • Benches

      • Laundry

    • In-Home Office Design

Making a place for your pets to eat or rest.


Kitchen Design


  • Integrating your kitchen with living areas.

  • Updating the image and functionality of your kitchen

  • Making common sense and interesting transitions from the kitchen into dining and living areas.

  • Updating cabinets and counter-tops appliances.

  • Looking for opportunities to make exceptional space

  • Built-in eating nook, alcove or banquet.

  • Basement Renovation’s

    • Add space

      • Game rooms

      • Family Rooms,

      • Bedrooms

        • Egress Windows

        • Add light to your basement to enhance the livability.




Attic Renovations

  • Dorners to increase the area or your home, build a new bathroom or master suite under a new dormer in your roof.

  • Bonus spaces above your garage

    • Game rooms




Universal Design aka Aging-in-Place remodeling is the key to bringing your dreams home not only for today, but for the future. Universal Design allows you to stay in your home for a lifetime, without having to reinvest to accommodate the evolution of life.


At the bare minimum here are some things our team will consider when “We Bring Your Dreams Home.”

  • No-step entry into rooms or spaces.

  • Doorway and hallway widths that allows for wheelchairs, walkers etc. to move around.

  • One level with everything you need. Eat. Bathe. Sleep.

  • Extra floor space.

  • Minimum threshold transitions from  garages, porches and  outdoor living areas


Universal Design addresses more than aging in your home. Why not make life easier and safer too?

  • Consider non-slip surfaces in appropriate areas.

  • Add handrails on steps and grab bars in bathrooms.

  • Avoid step-entry, avoid tripping.

  • Proper lighting for day and night.

  • Doorknobs and light switches that allow you to transition from room to room even with full hands.